Everything in life

Should be fun!

Everything in life

Should be fun!

'We believe that everything in life that can be made fun, should actually be fun. That is our passion and drive.'

The demand is changing

We notice that the demand for games is changing rapidly. Promotional purposes have been a common use-case for games in the past, but these days games are more and more used strategically, as part of a core process. Games and the principle of gamification can replace traditional processes or supplement them, games have become a relevant alternative for - or complement to traditional methods. Think of games that educate people , create awareness, retain loyalty, train people, or provide a brand experience. We call these Next Level Games, these are games that have an impact on your core business.

'Everything in life should be fun'

We believe that everything in life that can be made fun, should actually be fun. That is our passion and what drives us. In practice this means that we work on creating fun experiences, everyday, with a lot of passion. We've been doing this since 1996, this is our job.

We refer to this asMADification: our own method of gamifying existing processes in such a way that others will gain experience in a more pleasant and easier way.

In addition to our portfolio these are several real-life examples of FUN theory:

Why MAD?

Many companies will claim that they can make games. But like many other professions, building games is a craft. We have been doing this for almost 20 years now and we know the right strategy to get people involved in a way that is fun and relevant. The concept of gamification is growing and spreading quickly. This is not surprising to us, we believe that gamification works, and we are very good at it.

Our portfolio is our proof. We work for many major brands in the Netherlands and with many of our customers we have long lasting relationships. To name a few: ANWB, Noordhoff, Government agencies including several Ministries, Nutricia, VRT Ketnet, Sanoma, healthcare institutions including the University Medical Center Groningen. MAD multimedia has won quite a few awards, such as the Dutch Game Award for the best serious game in 2012.

Ask us to devise your new strategy because:

  •   We have almost 20 years of experience
  •   We have created over 360 (serious) games
  •   Our games are always highly rated
  •   We think strategically and we are able to build anything (in-house)
  •   We will make a difference and challenge you in the process
  •   We also value the concept op "fun" within a collaboration

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