Everything in life

Should be fun!

Everything in life

Should be fun!

Who are part of the MAD team?

  • Broad Thinkers
    Broad Thinkers

    They devise strategies and creative concepts where Games and Gamification are the central medium to realise the clients goals. Together with the client, they use the power of co-creation: together we can!

  • Fancifiers

    Our Fancifiers are driven creative specialists in graphical user interfaces, gamedesign, animations, 2D, 3D, character design, virtual worlds, animated video and much more!

  • Builders

    There isn't a game or gamification project too complex for our builders: They create everything the Broad thinkers and Fancifiers device and design. From browser based to App, complex virtual worlds and database driven systems coupled with CMS.

  • Audiophiles

    Ever experienced the impact of a tv show, game or other multimedia expression without soundeffects or music? No? That's because it doesn't have any impact! That's where are Audiophiles come in!

  • Controllers

    Our intrinsically involved controllers know all about planning, deadlines, to-do lists, short sprints, productownership, coordination and have a pleasant and smooth communication with clients at the top of their list!

History of MAD

Founded up north in Groningen in the early '90s, MAD introduced the use of games to achieve marketing- and communication goals in the Netherlands. Arthur van der Linden van Sprankhuizen, founder and CEO, 'evangalised' the use of gaming and fun for serious purposes; the first 'gamercials' were born. MAD multimedia shifted her focus after the transition into the new millenium to a broader scala of gamebased applications. Including games with educational and trainings purposes. Some examples of our milestones include viral hits like 'Missie Carglass' and 'Binenhof Battle', Mobile successes like 'Octopuzzle', the first ever gaming-platform tailor-made for healthcare training: 'Gamen in de Zorg' and the critically acclaimed Wii game for the blind and seeing: 'the Explorer and the mystery of the diamond scarab'. In 2012 MAD started a second office down south, near Amsterdam.


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